Sarasota Monthly Meeting
Sarasota Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends

Quaker Universalist Fellowship

The Quaker Universalist Fellowship is a gathering of Friends who work to foster understanding among people from the diverse spiritual cultures which flourish in our globalized human community.

The Quaker Agitator

Just because Quakers are pacifists does not mean they are pushovers.

Brooklyn Quaker

Thoughts on Quaker Faith and Practice as they appear to me. Topics and Concerns: Christianity and Quakerism, Pacifism and Quakerism, Social Justice and Quakerism, Truth-telling and Quakerism, Plainness and Simplicity.

Quaker Ranter Martin Kelley

Homepage and feeds of Martin Kelley, the "Quaker Ranter" ... a 40’ish Liberal Conservative Quaker from South Jersey, a plain Christian Friend with a love of outreach and ministry.

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Quaker Campouts

Quaker Kids at Oscar Scherer State Park





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