Sarasota Monthly Meeting
Sarasota Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends

The role of those not present is to show up next time.

Please consider our role when present during our Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, as well as when we gather to work in our committees.

The role of those present is to:

1.) Come prepared, both in mind and spirit, having given thought to the meeting in advnce and being open to a meeting rooted in spiritual understandings.

2.) Be present in ta spirit of worship, being open to a spiritual process, listening for the promptings of the Spirit.

3.) Support the expectations of the group for good order which may include, but not be limited to:

(a) starting and ending meetings promptly at the appointed times:
(b) being mindful of not speaking more than is really nessary;
(c) waiting to be recognized;
(d) giving full attention to the work of the meeting, leaving other work and distractions behind.

4.) Speak and release. PSeak one's own, individual truth, and then release it to the meeting.

5.) Listen to others, and to yourself, with the inner ear as well as with the outer ear, listening empathetically for what "is realy being said."

6.) Hold in the Light those people and ideas with whom you seem to be in disagreement.

7.) Challenge yourself to trust the Light that is goven to others, being open to new truth, revelation and insight, being teachable.

8.) Refrain form repeating what has already been said,

9.) Pray for the clerk and the recording clerk.

10.) Help the meeting move forward, being present with clerking

11.) Support the decisions of the meeting.

Arthur Larrabee
(M) 05.05.19, 05.06.30

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